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Year 5 - Siena

Weekly Timetable

26.3.20 English activities based around 'The Tempest'

Home Learning sheet - Spring 2

Year Five Home Learning

To support with learning at home in this challenging time, please feel free to use both Year 5 class pages for ideas and tasks to complete at home. There are also some useful ideas on the 'Spring Learning at Roman Way' page for other ideas that you may find useful.

Please copy the questions on to a piece of paper or the books in the packs given out by school (which are still available to collect if you are safe and well) and complete.


If any children are feeling particularly anxious about the virus, this may help them to understand:


As well as these tasks, please remind your children to read every day. They have a log in for our eLibrary in the front of their reading diaries. You can download the ePlatform app or visit


For those who may need additional support with their Phonics - PhonicsPlay is a great, game based website that is currently free to all users with the following code:



There are many authors who are offering online read-alouds and activities - see the link below: 


There are also many fantastic education companies who have offered their services and resources for free although you may need to set up a free account before you can download any activity sheets - see the link below:


Other tasks they may wish to complete:


- Science investigation about separating mixtures:

Make mixtures of:

1. flour and rice

2. salt and water

3. paperclips and beads/sequins

4. sand/pebbles and water

Then give the children a variety of 'separation tools' (sieve, paper, empty flowerpot, coffee filter, tweezers, magnet - if you have them) and ask the children to separate the mixtures.


- In this particularly lovely weather, why not set up a shadow investigation by measuring the size and shape of the shadow every hour? Draw pictures for each hour and record your findings in your books. If the weather changes, you can measure the daily rainfall and record as a graph!


- Research about the how Queen Anne was so important in the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and they could then design their own flag and currency if they were asked to create a new union between two countries.


- Make a book review for a book they have enjoyed reading to add to our wall when they return.


- Look at Claude Monet and try and recreate the view outside your window in a similar, 'impressionist' style.


- Write out their times tables up to 100X100 as a challenge!


- Practice all spellings and see if they can draw a picture to help them remember each one.


- Get changed into sports kit and have a go at following some Joe Wicks fitness videos: or or as a challenge:

He is also running a daily, live P.E. session on his YouTube channel 'The Body Coach' at 9am every weekday!



Miss Candy and Mr Inglis