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I know that work I create belongs to me.

Questions To Ask

What things ‘belong’ to you at home? (e.g. toys, bedroom, other belongings)

What things ‘belong’ to you at school? (e.g. clothing/uniform, peg, tray, seat/space, etc.)

Do some things belong to more than one person? (e.g. your house, your classroom/school, objects, etc.)

If you draw a picture, who does it belong to? Why? (e.g. ‘because I made it’)

If you draw a picture on the computer/tablet/interactive whiteboard, who does it belong to?

If I give a copy of my digital picture to my friend, do I still own it?

How could we help other people know that things are ours? (e.g. ‘put our name on them’ - clothes as a good example)