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These are the objectives that will be covered in KS2 for Online Reputation. Lots of these objectives will be covered more than once over the year. Each year group will build on the knowledge gained in the previous year group.


Year 3

  • I can explain how to search for information about others online.
  • I can give examples of what anyone may or may not be willing to share about themselves online. I can explain the need to be careful before sharing anything personal.
  • I can explain who someone can ask if they are unsure about putting something online.


Year 4

  • I can describe how to find out information about others by searching online.
  • I can explain ways that some of the information about anyone online could have been created, copied or shared by others.


Year 5

  • I can search for information about an individual online and summarise the information found.
  • I can describe ways that information about anyone online can be used by others to make judgments about an individual and why these may be incorrect.


Year 6

  • I can explain the ways in which anyone can develop a positive online reputation.
  • I can explain strategies anyone can use to protect their ‘digital personality’ and online reputation, including degrees of anonymity.