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Ethos and Values




· Feel safe

· Have a voice and feel valued

· Are determined to achieve

· Have confidence to be independent

· Have strength to intervene where an injustice has occurred and know how to restore it

· Committed to respectful behaviour

· Are thoughtful and honest and bring out the best in their peers.



· Safeguarding is in the culture of the school

· Know our children well by name and need

· Ensure every child feels valued and has a voice

· Consistently pursue high aspirations and have high expectations for all our stakeholders

· Delivers excellent practice with opportunities for staff to continually grow and realise ambitions

· Offers a creative curriculum that is fun and meets the needs of the whole child, including well-being and positive mental health

· Committed to finding the right different ways for each child to be successful regardless of need

· Be excellent role models so children receive visible consistent messages of high standards of behaviour, love of learning, resilience and success.



· Trust the school to always do its very best for our children

· Feel confident in the role they play in their child’s success

· Feel that the school can support families in many different ways

· Feel valued members of the school community



· Relentless in their determination to ensure the very best offer to our children and families. To assure the very highest standards of safeguarding, leadership and staffing, including a curriculum that enables all children to shine and succeed.



Roman Rules


We respect each other and everyone's rights

We listen to each other and follow instructions responsibly

We are ready to learn and always try our hardest

We move around quietly and calmly

We communicate politely and respectfully at all times using good manners