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Reading at Home Top Tips

Reading should NEVER be boring! Please watch this brilliant video about reading for fun at home!


Paired Reading Guide


We encourage Paired Reading at Roman Way where a pupil and adult read  together at the same time, as this builds children's confidence and self-esteem. This 'Quick Guide' will help you to practice Paired Reading at home with your child.


When should we do Paired Reading?

Try to find some time to read together at home everyday! Sharing books not only improves learning, it's also a great way to relax after a busy day.


Before Reading

Choose a book and find somewhere comfortable and peaceful to read. It's time to switch-off the television, tablet and games console. Also, agree on a signal children will use when they decide to read by themselves i.e. a tap on the table.


When Reading

Step 1: 

  • Make sure you can both see the book clearly.
  • Look at the front cover together and ask your child some questions about it. What do they think it will be about? What do they think might happen?


Step 2: 

  • Start reading aloud with your child.
  • Don't worry if they get a word wrong, just point to the word and ask them repeat it again.


Step 3:

  • When your child gives the signal to read alone, you should follow along silently.


Step 4:

  • If your child makes a mistake or becomes stuck, point to the word and pronounce it for them.
  • When they have repeated the word correctly, begin reading together again.


Step 5:

  • Continue reading together until they signal to read alone.


After Reading

Once finished, ask your child some questions about the book:

  • What did they enjoy about it?
  • Have they learnt anything new or different?
  • How was it similar to other books they have read?

Please help your child to complete their Reading Diary and sign it for them.


Remember to have fun together!  If you or your child stumble on tricky sentences you can always talk about the pictures inside the book!  Where's the story set? How do the characters feel?