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Year R and KS1

These are the objectives that will be covered in Year R and KS1 for Self-Image and Identity. Lots of these objectives will be covered more than once over the year. Each year group will build on the knowledge gained in the previous year group.


Year R

  • I can recognise online or offline, that anyone can say 'no' - 'please stop' - 'I'll ask' to somebody who makes them feel sad, uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset.


Year 1

  • I can recognise that there may be people online who could make someone feel sad, embarrassed or upset.
  • If something happens that makes me feel sad, worried, uncomfortable of frightened I can give examples of when and how to speak to an adult I can trust and how they can help.


Year 2

  • I can explain how other people may look and act differently online and offline,
  • I can give examples of issues online that might make someone feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened; I can give examples of how they might get help.