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These are the objectives that will be covered in KS2 for Privacy and Security. Lots of these objectives will be covered more than once over the year. Each year group will build on the knowledge gained in the previous year group.


Year 3

  • I can describe simple strategies for creating and keeping passwords private.
  • I can give reasons why someone should only share information with people they choose to and can trust. I can explain that if they are not sure or feel pressured then they should tell a trusted adult.
  • I can describe how connected devices can collect and share anyone’s information with others.


Year 4

  • I can describe strategies for keeping personal information private, depending on context.
  • I can explain that internet use is never fully private and is monitored, e.g. adult supervision.
  • I can describe how some online services may seek consent to store information about me; I know how to respond appropriately and who I can ask if I am not sure.
  • I know what the digital age of consent is and the impact this has on online services asking for consent.


Year 5

  • I can explain what a strong password is and demonstrate how to create one.
  • I can explain how many free apps or services may read and share private information (e.g. friends, contacts, likes, images, videos, voice, messages, geolocation) with others.

  • I can explain what app permissions are and can give some examples.


Year 6

  • I can describe effective ways people can manage passwords (e.g. storing them securely or saving them in the browser).
  • I can explain what to do if a password is shared, lost or stolen.
  • I can describe how and why people should keep their software and apps up to date, e.g. auto updates.
  • I can describe simple ways to increase privacy on apps and services that provide privacy settings.
  • I can describe ways in which some online content targets people to gain money or information illegally; I can describe strategies to help me identify such content (e.g. scams, phishing).
  • I know that online services have terms and conditions that govern their use.