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Here's a thought... 


In 1666, a great fire spread across London and Samuel Pepys became famous because he published a diary each day so that the event would be remembered in years to come. And, 354 years later, we still learn about it in our history lessons at school! 


This Covid-19 pandemic is likely to be remembered for a long time, your children may even learn about it when they are at school! Why not write your own diary each day - you never know, it might make you famous! 

March is Women's History Month!


This is a dedicated month to reflect on the often-overlooked contributions of women from all over the world. 


Why not research some women who changed history?


Some ideas if you're stuck :

Marie Curie

Rosa Parks

Mary Seacole

Florence Nightingale

Elizabeth I

Emmeline Pankhurts

Rosalind Franklin


Margaret Thatcher

Amelia Earheart

Enquiry question: Queen Victoria is a very well known Queen, does that mean she had lots of power?


Task 1: Explore the information about Queen Victoria and her power- you may also want to do your own research too!


Task 2: Write/record an answer that answers the following debate question: Was Queen Victoria politically powerful or just a respected/loved figurehead?