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I can give simple examples of these rules.

Questions To Ask

What device(s) do you like to use at home/school?

What do you like to do on your device(s)?

What things make you happy when you use technology?

What things make you unhappy/angry/sad when you use technology?

Last time we talked about some of the rules for using technology and the internet. Can you remember any of them?

Why do you think we have rules for using technology and the internet?

Do you have any rules at home/school for using technology? What are they?

Who decides the rules for how you use technology?

Why do you think we have these rules?

What happens if you follow the rules (e.g. rewards)?

What happens if you don’t follow the rules (e.g. sanctions)?

Are the rules you have fair or unfair? Why?

Can you think of any rules for being safe/healthy when using technology?