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These are the objectives that will be covered in KS2 for Online Relationships. Lots of these objectives will be covered more than once over the year. Each year group will build on the knowledge gained in the previous year group.


Year 3

  • I can describe ways people who have similar likes and interests can get together online.
  • I can explain what it means to ‘know someone’ online and why this might be different from knowing someone offline.
  • I can explain what is meant by ‘trusting someone online’, why this is different from ‘liking someone online’, and why it is important to be careful about who to trust online including what information and content they are trusted with.
  • I can explain why someone may change their mind about trusting anyone with something if they feel nervous, uncomfortable or worried.

  • I can explain how someone’s feelings can be hurt by what is said or written online.
  • I can explain the importance of giving and gaining permission before sharing things online; how the principles of sharing online is the same as sharing offline e.g. sharing images and videos.


Year 4

  • I can describe strategies for safe and fun experiences in a range of online social environments (e.g. livestreaming, gaming platforms)

  • I can give examples of how to be respectful to others online and describe how to recognise healthy and unhealthy online behaviours.

  • I can explain how content shared online may feel unimportant to one person but may be important to other people’s thoughts feelings and beliefs.


Year 5

  • I can give examples of technology-specific forms of communication (e.g. emojis, memes and GIFs).
  • I can explain that there are some people I communicate with online who may want to do me or my friends harm. I can recognise that this is not my / our fault.
  • I can describe some of the ways people may be involved in online communities and describe how they might collaborate constructively with others and make positive contributions. (e.g. gaming communities or social media groups).
  • I can explain how someone can get help if they are having problems and identify when to tell a trusted adult.
  • I can demonstrate how to support others (including those who are having difficulties) online.


Year 6

  • I can explain how sharing something online may have an impact either positively or negatively.
  • I can describe how to be kind and show respect for others online including the importance of respecting boundaries regarding what is shared about them online and how to support them if others do not.
  • I can describe how things shared privately online can have unintended consequences for others. e.g. screen-grabs.
  • I can explain that taking or sharing inappropriate images of someone (e.g. embarrassing images), even if they say it is okay, may have an impact for the sharer and others; and who can help if someone is worried about this.