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These are the objectives that will be covered in KS2 for Online Bullying. Lots of these objectives will be covered more than once over the year. Each year group will build on the knowledge gained in the previous year group.


Year 3

  • I can describe appropriate ways to behave towards other people online and why this is important.
  • I can give examples of how bullying behaviour could appear online and how someone can get support.


Year 4

  • I can recognise when someone is upset, hurt or angry online.
  • I can describe ways people can be bullied through a range of media (e.g. image, video, text, chat).
  • I can explain why people need to think carefully about how content they post might affect others, their feelings and how it may affect how others feel about them (their reputation).


Year 5

  • I can recognise online bullying can be different to bullying in the physical world and can describe some of those differences.
  • I can describe how what one person perceives as playful joking and teasing (including ‘banter’) might be experienced by others as bullying.
  • I can explain how anyone can get help if they are being bullied online and identify when to tell a trusted adult.
  • I can identify a range of ways to report concerns and access support both in school and at home about online bullying.
  • I can explain how to block abusive users.
  • I can describe the helpline services which can help people experiencing bullying, and how to access them (e.g. Childline or The Mix).


Year 6

  • I can describe how to capture bullying content as evidence (e.g screen-grab, URL, profile) to share with others who can help me.
  • I can explain how someone would report online bullying in different contexts.