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Added 27th April - maths problem Card 1 (question and answers)

Added 21st April - multiplication steps and 'have a go' questions

Times Tables Rockstars

Each child has their own login, the username is the same 3-digit number as their ePlatform login (these can also be found on the Parents' Evening slip that is being sent out). 

The password for each pupil is: maths. 

Use the link to reach the login page. 

Buying a Balloon

Lolla bought a balloon at the circus. She gave the clown six coins to pay for it.

What could Lolla have paid for the balloon?

Which of your answers seems a reasonable amount to pay for a balloon?

Beads and Bags

This challenge involves three beads and lots of bags.
There are as many bags as you need.

Find a way to put the beads into some of the bags.
Find another different way to put the beads into some of the bags.
How many different ways can you make?
Have you tried putting a bag into another bag?

Can you record your ways?
How do you know you've got them all?

Can you give your recording to a friend to see if they can re-make your way?

Can you record your ways without pictures?
Can you record using numbers?

Does your partner always make the way you expect?
Can you refine your recording so that your partner always gets it right?