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These are the objectives that will be covered in KS2 for Self-Image and Identity. Lots of these objectives will be covered more than once over the year. Each year group will build on the knowledge gained in the previous year group.


Year 3

  • I can explain what is meant by the term 'identity'.
  • I can explain how people can represent themselves in different ways online.
  • I can explain ways in which someone might change their identity depending on what they are doing online (e.g. gaming; using an avatar; social media) and why.


Year 4

  • I can explain how my online identity can be different to my offline identity.
  • I can describe positive ways for someone to interact  with others online and understand how this will positively impact on how others perceive them.
  • I can explain that others online can pretend to be someone else, including my friends, and can suggest reasons why they might do this.


Year 5

  • I can explain how identity online can be copied, modified or altered.
  • I can demonstrate how to make responsible choices about having an online identity, depending on context.


Year 6 

  • I can identify and critically evaluate online content relating to gender, race, religion, disability, culture and other groups, and explain why it is important to challenge and reject inappropriate representations online.
  • I can describe issues online that could make anyone feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened. I know and can give examples of how to get help, both on and offline.
  • I can explain the importance of asking until I get the help needed.