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Self-Image and Identity

I can recognise, online or offline, that anyone can say ‘no’ - ‘please stop’ - ‘I’ll tell’ - ‘I’ll ask’ to somebody who makes them feel sad, uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset.

Questions To Ask

What do you like to do online? What do you not like to do?

What can you do if something makes you feel sad/ embarrassed or upset online?

 Who can help you if something ever worries or upsets you online?

What are the different ways you can tell someone ‘no’? What about ‘please stop’? ‘I’ll tell’? ‘I’ll ask’?

If you say to someone…‘no’ / ‘please stop’ / ‘I’ll tell’ / ‘I’ll ask’…what does that mean?

What should you do if you say ‘no’ / ‘please stop’ / ‘I’ll tell’ / ‘I’ll ask’ but the person continues to upset you?