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Miss Candy's message

25th June 2020

Hello lovelies, 


I'm very busy in school at the moment! I'm a 'Bubble leader' for a few children who need to come into school because their adults have got to go back into work and can't stay at home. We're getting used to the changes in school but it's still very different and I'm missing you all lots. 


We've been busy completing projects and have particularly enjoyed making rollercoasters, using computers to research authors to make an information board, making Jellycam animations like Wallace and Gromit, listening to stories and enjoying the sunshine and shade outside. I wonder what you've been doing to keep you busy? 


I miss talking to you all and look forward to seeing you when all of this is over! Keep smiling, I think you're doing amazingly considering you've never had to do anything like this before! You are all so resilient and brave, just keep following the guidelines and hopefully things will get better soon.



Miss Candy