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Added 18th May - some outdoor activities to complete

Use Google Earth to explore the world or even your own street!


Draw a map of your house or garden and set up an orienteering course or treasure hunt (OR EASTER EGG HUNT!) for someone else in your house. 


See how many of these capitals and countries you can match


Give yourself a 10 minute timer and see if you can:

  • locate the world’s countries,
  • location major cities,
  • name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom, 
  • draw mountain regions, rivers and tectonic plates,
  • identify the position and significance of latitude and longitude,
  • draw the Equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
  • label the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, and Arctic and Antarctic Circle,
  • draw the Prime/Greenwich Meridian and time zones (including day and night)