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Understanding The World

Understanding The World.

Understanding the World is how children get to know about other people, the place where they live and about all aspects of the environment.

Understanding the World is broken down into three aspects:

  • Past and Present
  • People, Culture and Communities.
  • The Natural World


The children will be able to talk about the lives of people around them and the roles they play within society - Doctors, nurses, vets, teachers, shop workers, etc. They will be able to understand differences and similarities between the past and present through storytelling, events and holidays.


We will be exploring different cultures and communities over the year. The children will explore different festivals and holidays. They will be able to compare different religious and cultural differences within our country and other countries. The children will have a wide range of stories read to them which will support their understanding.
The children will also explore their own environment using maps, discussions, stories and non-fiction texts.


The children have lots of opportunities to explore the natural world within forest school. They also have opportunities to explore the natural world within our outdoor area. They have access to a wide range of resources they can use to gather natural materials within the mud kitchen and bug hotel. The children will be exploring seasonal changes as well as planting and growing throughout the year.