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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills are supported and developed through physical activities. These activities focus on helping children to refine their finger, hand and wrist skills which is important for writing, cutting, drawing, helping them develop concentration skills, and develops thinking skills. We focus on supporting the children's 'pinchy fingers' through funky fingers activities to support their pencil grip and finger strength in preparation for early writing. 


The children will begin to mark make using various materials in the classroom. Messy play supports children's sensory needs and encourages them to have a go! 


Fine Motor Activities


  • Threading a necklace using pasta and beads.
  • Threading beads onto a pipe cleaner to make a wand.
  • Untangling laminated pictures from string or tape.
  • Using tweezers to move or sort objects.
  • Unlocking padlocks using keys.
  • Using pegs! Pinching pegs is a great fine motor skill. Children can help put out the washing or get creative and draw some animals with spikes. Get the children to add their spikes by clipping the pegs on. 
  • Using small materials which encourage the children to use 'pinchy fingers' - such as creating patterns.
  • Creating pictures or patterns using beads or hammer beads.