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Personal, Social and Emotional Development. (PSED).

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Personal social and emotional development in the EYFS. Supports children's development of relationships, being a kind friend, sharing, taking turns, learning to make good choices - understanding 'right' from 'wrong', developing independence, feeling good about themselves, regulating and understanding their own emotions, building focus and resilience when completing activities as well as supporting children's understanding of a healthy and happy body - hygiene, toileting, dressing and healthy eating.


We will be looking at how to be a kind friend and different emotions. We have used the colour monster to support the children's understanding of different emotions, how we might feel and how we may act or look when feeling those emotions. The children have access to an emotions board in the classroom where they can change their face depending on which emotion they are feeling. We have also been looking at Mr Wolf's Pancakes and discussing how to be a kind friend to Mr Wolf and our friends in Duckling!