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Mr A's Challenge


I hope you are all keeping safe and being positive as you stay at home with your families until it is safe for us to come back to school. It's challenge time so have a look and see if you can complete all the challenges!

Challenge 1- Roman Way's Got Talent (20th April)

I've got so many hidden talents...if you find any of them let me know!


I'm sure most of you have been enjoying watching Britain's Got Talent on the television on Saturday evenings and that got me thinking about all the wonderful talents that I'm sure you have.

So your challenge is to host a talent show in your house with your family, or maybe on a video call with friends and family who don't live with you. See who has the most amazing talent and who would win a talent show, you could even get an adult to record your talent and send it in to our Home Learning email address to share with everyone.


Here is the link to the Britain's Got Talent YouTube Page so you can see some of the auditions if you missed them at the weekend:


Challenge 2- Touch typing (21st April)

What do you get if you cross an elephant with a computer?   (LOTS OF MEMORY)


We all use computers, or tablets or smartphones almost everyday and one of the things that we can all practice is touch typing. Touch typing is learning where all the letters on the keyboard are so that we can type quicker to get our work done. 

This website is a great way to practice our touch typing with lots of small activities that we can complete to get better at typing. You can even test your families to see who is the best typist as well!

Challenge 3- Book Review (22nd April)

Why was the dinosaur afraid to go back to the library?   (HIS BOOKS WERE 65 MILLION YEARS OVERDUE)


I know so many of you love reading and when it's safe and we can come back to school we will all be able to use the school library so I thought it would be a great idea if you could write a book review, or two, about books that you have read while you're at home. That way when we're looking at books in the library and think 'I don't know what book to choose' we could look at our class book reviews and see if our friends can help us to choose a good book to read. 

I've added some book review templates below that you might want to use to get started. yes

Challenge 4- Family Quiz (23rd April)

Who isn't allowed into the zoo's quiz team?   (The Cheetah)


Today's challenge is a family one. I love seeing my family but at the moment I can't go and see all of them or get together for a family meal with everybody. So my family have a huge video chat with everybody and do a family quiz every Thursday night. We take it in turns to write a quiz, everyone makes a team name, gets their paper ready and then writes their answers down. At the end we mark the answers and see which team was the winner.

Why don't you see if you can do a quiz in your house or on a video chat with other members of your family?

Sometimes it is really hard to write a quiz so I've added some questions below that you might want to use.yes

Challenge 5- Dear Diary (24th April)

Why did the student eat his homework?   (BECAUSE THE TEACHER SAID IT WAS A PIECE OF CAKE!)


I had a thought today about how I could write down the things I do each day so I don't forget what I've been doing while staying at home. I can remember most things I did yesterday but I know I'll forget what I had for dinner or who I spoke to on a video call. Then I thought I could keep a diary and write down some of my activities in sentences so that I wouldn't forget. 

I've added a Diary Template below if you want to use that to help you but you could design your own diary with pictures too. Maybe you might do a diary just for you or a diary for your whole house to write in once a day, have fun!


Challenge 6- Movie  Review (27th April)

Have you seen the Avengers Movies?   (IT'S MARVELLOUS!!)


I'm sure that you have been watching some television shows and some movies while you've been at home, I know I have been watching some brilliant movies to help me relax each day. I think it's time for you to become film critics, write a review for a film or a television show that you have watched while you've been at home that you might recommend to friend to watch. yes

Challenge 7- Design a Flag (28th April)

What's the best thing about living in Switzerland?   (THE FLAG IS A BIG PLUS!)


Wouldn't it be amazing to have your own country where you were the King / Queen / Leader!! Think of all the rules you'd make:

- Everyone HAS to have ice cream for breakfast

- Everyone HAS to call me ' Our Amazing Leader'

- I have a birthday every month

It would be amazing, wouldn't it!?

So see if you can think of a name for your country and if you can design a flag for your country, have a look online and see the different flags that there area around the world.

Then see how many laws you can write down that your country would have, I wonder what you'll come up with? 

Challenge 7- Swim with Sharks! (29th April)

What happened to the shark that became famous?   (HE BECAME A STARFISH!)


Sharks...I never know if I think they're AMAZING or if they're TERRIFYING! Either way that are amazing sea creatures and there are so many different species of sharks and underwater creatures. Then while I was on the internet I found a website telling me about an aquarium live stream from Palma Aquarium in Mallorca, Spain.

It takes place every Monday - Friday at 10 am and you can follow the link below to watch it, you might not see my challenge in time for this morning but you can always set your alarms to remind you for tomorrow.

The link is to the Aquarium's Facebook page so you will need to get one of your adults at home to help you get to this video, enjoy looking at the sea creatures!

Challenge 8- Joke-a-thon (4th May)

Why did the crab never share?  (BECAUSE HE WAS SHELLFISH)


That joke was one of my family's favourite jokes when I was growing up with my brothers and sisters and I'm sure your family have lots of jokes that you love to tell.

So your challenge today is to make a joke poster full of your favourite jokes and then see if you can call a friend or a member of your family and see if you can make them laugh, I'm sure it would be the highlight of their day!laugh

Challenge 9- Plastic Everywhere (5th May)

What kind of dog recycles?   (AN ECOLAB!)


We all know that there is far too much waste and rubbish on our planet, and we all know that we need to think about recycling and reducing how much plastic we use because it takes a very long time to break down. 

I found this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) challenge linked to plastic.

Have a look at the challenge poster and see what ideas you can create.

VE Day Challenge (6th May)

A research project


This Friday is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day when World War Two ended in Europe. Your challenge today is to use our History webpage to learn about VE Day and how important the day is in history for us all. 

Here is a handy quick link to our history page:


You can also use the internet with your family to help you learn some more facts about VE Day.

Challenge 10- Hedgehogs  (7th May)

What do you get if you cross a giraffe with a hedgehog?  (A SIX FOOT TALL TOOTHBRUSH!)


They're small and prickly and this week, 3rd May- 9th May, is Hedgehog Awareness Week in the UK. Some of us might be lucky enough to see a hedgehog in our gardens, but they're normally nocturnal and come out at night. 

Have a look at this Newsround page to learn about hedgehogs in the UK:

There is s a chance the hedgehogs could become extinct in the UK in the future, we might not be able to see or find any wild hedgehogs. sad My nan has got a hedgehog house in her garden so that hedgehogs have somewhere safe to sleep and raise baby hedgehogs safe from predators...this leads to your challenge for today.

Your challenge is to design a house or something similar that would be helpful to hedgehogs to make sure that they don't go extinct.

Use every part of your amazing creative brains and see what ideas you can come up with!

Good luck yes

Challenge 11- Design a Flower (11th May)

What kind of flower grows on your face?     TULIPS


I'm sure out of your window, in your garden or when you go out side for your daily exercise you have seen Spring at work with all the new flowers and plants growing and growing and growing! And that got me thinking about my favourite flowers and plants that I love to see.

I wondered what everyone else's favourite flower would be and then got thinking about designing my own flower that would be the most amazing flower in the world!

See if you can design your own flower, here are a few things to think of for your flower:

- What climate does it grow in: tropical/desert/arctic/temperate

- Is it a new flower or a combination of existing flowers?

- Is it a flower that attracts lots of bees and insects? If so how does it do this?

- Is it tall/small, colourful/dull, spikey like a cactus/soft like sunflower petals?

So many things to think about, have a go and remember to give your flower a name!

Challenge 12- Cartoon Time (12th May)

What did the carrot say to the onion?   (NOTHING, VEGETABLES DON'T TALK!)


Time to unleash your creative bones on today's challenge, it's time to make a cartoon/ mini story!

I know you all have so many different ideas for writing stories because you share them in class with us so now is your chance. I've found some different templates for you to use to draw you story into.

You could use one page or as many as you want!

You could draw pictures and have your characters use speech bubbles or you could draw pictures and write two or three sentences per box of your cartoon/story.

See what amazing stories you can create!

Challenge 13- Name 5 Things (13th May)

What did one plate say to the other plate?   (DINNER'S ON ME!)


A bit of a quiz style game that you can play at home and the best thing is you could play it by yourself, against one other person or against everyone in your house and even your whole family on a video call!

It's called Name 5 Things. The picture cards will give you a topic to name five things to match it, some are easier than others and you could even make up your own cards to challenge other people. 

Maybe you could have a timer to see if you can name the 5 things in 30 seconds, or maybe you could make it even harder and see if you could name 10 things instead of 5!!

Have a go and see who is the champion of Name 5 Things in your house!laugh

Challenge 14- Shape Sudoku (14th May)

What did the triangle say to the circle?   (YOU'RE POINTLESS!)


I was looking for something a little bit different for today, something that would give your brain a workout. I started thinking about what I've been doing while at home and I have been doing some sudoku challenges and I found a Shape Sudoku designed for children at your age. 

The aim is to have one of every shape in each, row of 4, column of 4 and box of 4. 

Have a look at my video explaining what you need to do and then have a go, there are nine problems to tackle because my example is the first challenge laugh.

Shape Sudoku Model

Still image for this video

Challenge 15- Addition and Subtraction Elephant (15th May)

What is a butterfly's favourite lesson at school?    (MOTH-AMATICS)


A challenge today that is a little bit of a maths workout for four brain and all you need is a few colouring pencils to match the key at the bottom of the page.

BE CAREFUL! When you look at the sums in the different parts of the elephant you'll need to add (+) or subtract (-) them carefully to make sure that you select the right colour for your colouring in. Have your workbook or a piece of scrap paper next to you if you so that you can use a numberline or column method to help calculate the answers.


Challenge 16- Thunderbirds (18th May)

What is an astronaut's favourite chocolate?    (A MARS-BAR)


We have had an email from a great website called Funkids which has so many fun and different activities that you can watch, listen and do at home I thought for my challenges this week I'd pick a few of them out to share with you.


Here is the weblink of Funkids if you want to explore for yourself at home:


I'm sure some of your parents will remember growing up watching Thunderbirds, I know it was one of my very favourite TV programmes when I was young and my challenge to you is this.

Have a look at the Thunderbirds are Go: Mission to Mars challenge and see what they have in store:


Click here to get going!

Challenge 17-  Eyes (19th May)

What did the right eye say to the left eye?  (BETWEEN YOU AND ME SOMETHING SMELLS)


Eyes, eyes, eyes. We are so lucky that our eyes are the wonderful parts of our bodies that help us to see our environments and the world around us. Some people may need glasses or contact lenses to help them see and then we have some people who have visual impairments or are blind and cannot see at all. Some animals don't see in colour and some animal eyes are so sensitive they can only see in the dark.

Let's dive in to another of Funkid's missions and learn lots about the wonderful human eye!