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Our topic this term is Mythbusters and we are going to be enquiring and learning about a time in history where lots of myths originate from, Ancient Greece.

Keep Checking back to this page regularly as we'll be adding lots of new resources, videos, myths and activities for you to have a look at.laugh


Week 1- W/C 20th April

Ancient Greece- An Introduction

Some of you may already know some facts about the Ancient Greeks. You might know some of the names that are linked to Ancient Greece, you might know some of the myths and stories from this time in history, some of you may have watched a TV programme on CBBC that talks about the Ancient Greeks sometimes. 

If you don't know anything about the Ancient Greeks yet don't fear, have a look at this video. It's a great introduction to some facts about the Greeks and how they lived their lives.

Do you have any questions about Ancient Greece that you would like to answer? Have a think and write them down.

Below is a PowerPoint presentation about who the Ancient Greeks were with two activities for you to complete.

The first one is a map of Europe for you to label the countries of Europe to help learn where Greece is in relation to the United Kingdom. You could use Google Maps or Google Earth to help you label the countries you don't know.

The second activity is a blank timeline for events that happened in Ancient Greece, the events are on slide 8 of the PowerPoint and the answers are on slide 9.

Week 2- W/C 27th April

An Introduction to Greek Myths

I hope you enjoyed the presentations and videos to give you an insight into some facts about the Ancient Greeks, I wonder if you knew any of the information already?

Some of the myths and tales from the Ancient Greek times are still known today and I thought it would be great to have a look at one of them this week to learn one of their stories.

This week's myth is the Story of Icarus, some of you might have heard of this before. 

Below there is a PowerPoint version and a video version from YouTube that you can go look at to learn about the story of Icarus. 

Have a think about the moral of the story, this is something that we should learn from the story and see if there are any major differences between the two versions.

Ancient Greek Myths & Tales- The Story of Icarus

Week 3-W/C 4th May 

VE Day, 75th Anniversary

This week we are taking a break from our topic of the Ancient Greeks to investigate a more recent period in history. The 8th May marks 75 years since VE Day which is the day when the Second World War ended in Europe. It marked the end of 6 years of war where fighting took place on almost every continent across the world. 

We've added a collection fo videos, weblinks and activities for you to have a look at to investigate this important day in history.

VE Day- 75th Anniversary Video

Week 4- W/C 11th May

Greek Myths- Part Two


I hope you enjoyed the VE Day history theme last week, I certainly learned something new and different. 

This week we are back to Greek myths and learning about some more of the stories and tales from this part of history. There are so many to choose from I'm finding it difficult to just post one, but this one is a great story and you may have heard parts of it before or maybe seen it in other stories.....

Medusa- The Quest of Perseus

An animated version of this week's Greek Myth.

Week 5- W/C 18th May

Greek Myths- Part Three


One last myth that I am going to share with you and I have to say this one is one of my favourites. 

Below you will again find a PowerPoint version and then an animated YoutTube version of Theseus & the Minotaur.


Theseus and the Minotaur

Week 5 part 2

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Another huge part of history when we investigate the Greeks are the many Gods and Goddesses that they believed in and worshipped. 

I don't want to give any clues away, although you may know some of them if you've been listening to me read our class text Who Let the Gods Out?

Have a look at the PowerPoint below and then I have uploaded some information cards about the Gods and then a blank fact file document that you can use to fill in about the Greek Gods and Goddesses from you learning.