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Variety of Maths tasks - Date added 16.4.20

Tuesday 17th March


We have started to look at co-ordinates today. This included how to plot co-ordinates on a graph and how to find the position of a dot on a graph. You need to look carefully at the axis labelled x and y, remembering to start with the x axis and then the y axis. You can say 'along the corridor and up the stairs'.


Below is an example of the work we did with the children today.


Wednesday 18th March


You are to continue your work on co-ordinates. You must complete all of the sheets on the website, using the examples to help you.


Here is an example that we will be using with the children in class.



Thursday 19th March


You are going to be looking at movement and position. In order to solve the problems, you need to first use the x axis and then the y axis which are labelled in the picture below. Remember - along the corridor and up the stairs.


Friday 20th March


The children are moving onto looking at translation on a graph. They need to look at the co-ordinates of the original shape and then see how much it has moved from the co-ordinates given underneath.