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Year 6 - Sicily

Class of 2020 at Roman Way Primary School.

To my amazing Year Six Class.

I can not believe that the school year has nearly ended. Some of you are in my bubble at school, some of you I see in other bubbles and some of you I haven't seen since March! I have really missed seeing your smiling faces coming in every morning, hearing your chatter and most of all your laughter.

I am so sad that you have missed out on all of the exciting end of Year Six activities, including: graduation, residential, class trip and our leavers assembly.

Today, if you are in school, we have given you each a gift bag full of goodies from Roman Way, including a leavers hoodie, graduation bear, book, graduation certificate, graduation mortar board tassle, leavers booklet and a sealed envelope. I do hope you like all of the presents that we have organised for you. The sealed envelope is not to be opened until after our online leavers assembly on Friday afternoon. If you are not currently in school, your bags are ready to be collected over the next few days.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all online on Friday .

I have had a fab year with you, you have been truly amazing and I shall miss you all. I am so very proud of each of you for coping with what has been a truly unique Year Six.

Thank you so much to parents who have made trips to school to bring me presents, it is so very kind, generous and thoughtful of you.

See you all online on Friday at 2pm- please wear your hoodies, if it's not too hot!

Much Love

Miss Evans x

Online Leavers Assembly

Online Leavers Assembly

It was fantastic to see you all on our Online Leavers Assembly on Friday ~ you all looked amazing in your Leavers hoodies!

Congratulations to every one of you all for your fantastic achievements during our time together and for being super lockdown Leavers! I am so proud of you all and I hope you are proud of yourselves for the recognition you received in the certificates and trophies that you were awarded.

I loved seeing your happy faces and I will truly miss you all.

Much love

Miss Evans


Leavers Gifts

Your first class photo in 2014

Andover Primary School Graduation

Normally at the Year Six graduation ceremony some of the guests make speeches. As there is no ceremony this year, please follow the link below to watch the speeches:

A goodbye letter for Year Six from Miss Orwin

For the week commencing 13th July, Year 6 can go back over the learning from the past few weeks, identify areas you would like to recap and revise these. I have also attached the work that some of the Year 5s are doing in my bubble at school if you would prefer to have a go at these (if you are, make sure you try and challenge yourself!).

Enjoy your last full week!

Miss Candy

Ongoing home learning - writing tasks (added 14th June)

Pictures from 'Some Writer!' extract

Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen

We really enjoyed reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen in the Spring Term. It was the amazing story of Brian Robeson, a thirteen year old boy from New York, who crashed into the Canadian wilderness. He was forced to survive with nothing but a hatchet on his belt for many months until his eventual rescue.

Miss Hewlett and I will be reading you the next book in the series - Brian's Return. I shall start today with chapter one and Miss Hewlett will take over with chapter two next.

I really hope you enjoy hearing us read this story - I can't wait to share it with you!

Brian's Return - Chapter One

Chapter One of Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen, read by Miss Evans.

After listening, I'd like you to think about:
How long after being rescued do you think this book is set?
What do you think Brian might look like now?
Where do you think Brian lives now?
What do you think happened about The Secret when he returned home?
Why might Brian be returning to the wilderness?
What gear do you think Brian may have taken with him for this trip?

Brian's Return - Chapter Two

Chapter Two of Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen read by Miss Hewlett.

After listening, I'd like you to think about:
Why do you think Brian found it difficult to play games with his friends again?
Why was Brian uninterested in his friends' conversations?
What does 'aloof' mean? Look it up in a dictionary.
Why had Brian become aloof?
Why did Brian react as he did to the incident in the pizza parlour?
Why could Brian not stop himself from hurting Carl?

Brian's Return - Chapter Three

Chapter Three of Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen, read by Miss Evans

After listening, please think about:
How do you think Brian's mum felt when he was brought home by the police?
How do you think Brian felt about the incident with Carl after he was taken home in handcuffs?
Why did Brian nearly smile as he thought of himself as an animal-boy?
Why did Brian think that the police officer and his mother didn't understand?
Why did the police office suggest that Brian see a counselor?

Quizzes Galore!!

Many of you have told me that you are really enjoying playing the quizzes that I've been putting onto our class page. Have a look at the Beano web page - just follow the link below. It has a huge range of quizzes suitable for children and their families. Why not play them on a video call with some of your friends from our class? The web page also lots of fun games, jokes and other things to look at.

Logo Quizzes! How many can you name/spot/recognise?

Maths Puzzle

A little algebraic symbol maths puzzle for you - look carefully at the pictures and the symbols!

Don't forget to use BODMAS!

BBC Bitesize

Every day, BBC Bitesize add on three home learning tasks - one Maths, one English and one foundation subject.

Follow the link below for Year Six home learning lessons:

Hello Year Six!

It has been so lovely to speak to so many of you and your families on the phone. I can't believe how quiet many of you were - I thought I had the noisiest class in the world EVER!! I have missed your voices so much and it was so good to catch up on the things you have been up to. I really enjoyed hearing how many of you have enjoyed the quizzes I have been putting onto our page - some families have been sharing them and having video quizzes!

I am busy in school this week but will try hard to get some more quizzes and home learning on. I am going to put an English creative writing task on which I hope you will all enjoy.

I hope to see more of you using Time Table Rockstars - I have set a tournament up against Year Five and one between the girls and boys in our class. I would love to see more of you taking part in this. Please see below for a reminder on how to log in.

I hope you have all seen the video that the RW staff have made in the gallery page.

I miss you all dearly and hope to see you soon.

Miss Evans

English Task

Watch the animation below - 'Wing It' and make notes. You will be writing a newspaper article on Sherman's invention.

Imagine you are a journalist at the scene reporting the event. You need to recount the events of Sherman's story. Remember you can only report on what you know - would you know about the aliens? You need to include the 5Ws, direct and reported speech.

Remember everything we learned when we wrote our newspaper articles about Brian in Hatchet and set it our like a real newspaper. Look at the beginning of my example below.


Todays maths challenge

Boggle word challenge

Below is a letter grid. Each player needs a piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for five minutes and find as many words as you can in that time. Words must have a minimum of three letters and be spelled correctly. At the end of the time check each others words. A point goes to the person with the most words and a point to the person with the longest word. Why not create your own letter grids and play more games?

Another chocolate quiz for you - can you guess the bars?

Summer Term One 2020

Hello Year Six. I hope you all had a good Easter Break.

Below, you will find home learning books for both English and Maths, daily Maths tasks, a book review and a SPaG task to last you over the next few weeks.

Well done to the three children who have been accessing Time Table Rockstars - I would love to see the other twenty-eight of you also doing this! Remember to also keep reading, there are a huge collection of books for you to access on the ePlatform.

Enjoy the sunny weather that we are currently having. Remember that you can learn just as much outside as you can inside. I would love to see some photos of what you have all been up to.

I miss you all every day and I hope to see you soon.

Remember to stay at home and carry on doing your bit to keep everyone safe.

Much love

Miss Evans x

Chocolate/Sweet Quiz

Can you guess the chocolate bars and sweets from the clues?

1. Wobbly infants

2. High class thoroughfare

3. Dark occult

4. Clever folk

5. Feline equipment

6. Garden flowers

7. Dairy holder

8. Edible fasteners

9. Sly giggles

10. Talk quietly

11. Big bus

12. Spin around

13. Out in space

14. Even further out in space

15. Big cats' pub

16. Noisy insect

17. Parties

18. Outside meal

19. Easily blown

20. Reward

21. Little diamonds

22. Lavender ham

23. Percussion twigs

24. Energize

25. Alley pins


Guess the words or phrases

Tuesday 21st April 2020 - National Tea Day

Did you know that today is National Tea Day? Why not learn to make tea today and maybe bake some scones or cakes to go with it and enjoy afternoon tea in the garden? These are really good ways of thinking about reading and following instructions. Also it's really good fun and the grown ups that you live with will really appreciate the odd cup of tea once you know how!

More brain scratchers!

Another Maths brain teaser for you!

A little maths brain teaser for you

Free audio books!

Audible have made a large range of their audio stories free whilst schools are shut. Follow the link below and get listening! You may chose to do your book review on one of them.



Book Reviews

Year Six, I hope you have been enjoying reading some books on the ePlatform.

After Easter, I would like you to review a book that you have read. I have attached some templates below that you can use ideas from. You must give reasons for your opinions, using specific references to the text. If you wish, you can review our last class novel - Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. If you were self isolating when we finished reading it. here is a link to read it for free online:



Hatchet by Gary Paulsen


If you enjoyed our class novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, you may be interested to learn that it is the first in a series of books about Brian's adventures in the Canadian Wilderness.

Here is a link to information about the series:


Hatchet activity ideas

Spring English Learning for after Easter

Spring Maths Learning for after Easter

Happy Easter Year Six

Have a great two weeks break. Please find home learning activities/suggestions for after Easter above.


A brilliant brain teaser for you!

Lego Challenge - part two

Times Table Rock Stars

I have set you all up an account on Times Table Rock Stars.

Go to:

Go to login > School Pupils

Your login is the first three letters of your first name and the first three letters of your last name all in lower case with no spaces eg sareva

Your password is the three digit number that you were given for your ePlatform login. This is on the label on the letter that went home and also at the bottom of your parents evening report.

I can see who has been using the website,  your results and who you battle with.

I have set a battle of Year Six V Year Five - go thrash them!!

Have fun!

Spread The Happiness with a Rainbow.

Have you spotted rainbows in people's windows? Join the Rainbow Trail and decorate your windows for people to spot on their daily exercise. Spread the love and peace.

More information below:

A great book for young children who may be feeling anxious about Corona Virus.

Download for free:

Year Six - will you take the Lego challenge? Here are five for this week!

Keeping Active!

Joe Wicks - 'The Body Coach' will be streaming live PE lessons, Monday - Friday at 9am to keep our children fit and healthy during the school closure period.

Please follow the Youtube link below to gain access to his Youtube channel and here you will find other child friendly workouts on his page.

BBC Live Lessons

Here is a link to previous BBC live lessons. 
Why not have a watch and try some of the activities?

Can you guess the film titles?

Good morning Year Six

The World of David Walliams is releasing an audio story from The World’s Worst Children every day for the next 30 days! 


Head to each day for the latest story!

E-books and audio books

Don't forget that Roman Way subscribe to ePlatform - a huge online library of audio and ebooks.

Children who are in today will be sent home with a letter reminding them of their login details. Those not in will have their login details added to their parents evening reports, which will be emailed out to them.

Year Six have loved reading the World's Worst Children stories this last fortnight by David Walliams - there are plenty of other David Walliams' books to enjoy on there! Browse through the Year 5 and 6 suggestions - there are loads to choose from!

ePlatform login help guide

Home Learning Packs

For those children in school today, I will be sending home a paper copy of a home learning pack.

If your child is not in, please see the digital copy below.

Year Six Home Learning

If your child has been absent this week due to self isolation, please see below for the maths work they have missed.

Please copy the questions on to a piece of paper and complete.

Year Six Home Learning

If your child is currently at home in self isolation, please see the English work below that they have missed in class this week. Children have already decided on their David Walliam's World's Worst Children style character. They now need to plan their story using the planning format below. If you do not have access to a printer, just a plan written onto paper using the given headings is fine. Please see my example below to help you.

World's Worst Children IWB resources

World's Worst Children Planning Format

World Book Day in Year Six

Harrow Way Dance Lesson Two

Still image for this video

Harrow Way Dance lesson One

Still image for this video

Year Six Class Timetable - Spring Term One

Updated Year Six Curriculum Map

Happy New Year, Year Six!

Welcome to Spring Term One. This term our topic is The Great Outdoors and our work will centre around our class novel: Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. This is a fantastic book and the children will really enjoy the learning I have in store for them. Please see the homework sheet for this term below.

Spring Term is always exciting in Year Six - the children will work extremely hard but always make super progress at this point in the year,


Year Six Spring Term One Homework Sheet

Cadbury World Trip 18th December

Rudolph Charity Run

Welcome to the Year Six class page!


Year Six are called Sicily class and we are situated in the front classroom of the main school building.


Our class teacher is Miss Evans (who is also Upper Key Stage Two Team Leader) and Miss Hewlett is our Learning Support Assistant.


The children have come back ready for the challenge of Year Six and are all working incredibly hard already.


Please can I remind all children and parents that PE kit needs to stay in school for the whole half term.


Also please remember to read every evening at home and record it in your reading diary. An adult then needs to sign it to count towards reading rewards.


Also keep practicing those times tables!


We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning. Year Six is a challenging year but it is also the most exciting. 

If ever you wish to talk to me please do pop in after school.

Miss Evans

2019/2020 Year SIx Timetable

Year Six Curriculum map 2019-2020

2019/2020 Upcoming dates in Year 6:

Friday 5th December - Disco

Thursday 12th December - Christmas Fayre

W/B 11th May - Year Six SATs Week

W/B 15th June - Year Six residential trip

Tuesday 14th July - Year Six Play

Thursday 16th July - Year Six Graduation ceremony 11.30

Tuesday 21st July - Year Six Leavers Assembly