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Writing task - Character description


Part 1 - Listen to "The Secret of the Black Rock" being read on youtube again (look at last week's page to find the link).  Choose your favourite character in the story.  Draw a picture of the character and write adjectives around them describing what they are like.  Tell your grown up all about the character - what they look like, what they do, where they live.


Part 2 - Write up your character description in full sentences.  You could write in paragraphs to challenge yourself.

Remember to use your Year 2 objectives we have been practising -  adjectives,  alliteration, similes, conjunctions and time words.  Remember to add extra details as you write (remember how much you were writing in your English books at school...!)  Don't forget to use personal pronouns and adverbs (ly words!)


Part 3 - Proof read, check and edit - spelling, capital letters/full stops, sentences make sense/sound like the Queen, add/improve your adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions