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When I was calling all of our families from school last week if I managed to speak to any of you on the phone I asked if there was anything else that I could add to the wesbite for you to do at home. Somebody suggested having two chapters of our class book on the English page and someone else said wordsearches would be great fun!!!

So here you are, a page that I will fill with wordsearches for you. 

Some might be harder than others so be careful when you're looking for the words, have fun!laugh


After looking for wordsearches last week to upload to this page I got thinking that we could have a whole puzzle page.

Everyone loves puzzles, so this week I have found some mazes that you can download and print at home to find the way out, or you could do then on your computer if you don't have a printer.

Be careful they start off easy to get you warmed up and then they get harder.