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w.c. 20.4.20 - Setting Description

To complete this activity, you DO NOT need to read the book. You only have to watch the video. The book has been added as an additional extra if you would like to read it. 

BBC Bitesize Wind in the Willows Videos

Wind in the Willows book

You can also read the Wind in the Willows book. Click on the link above and it will take you to the globalgreybooks page. Scroll down and click on the blue PDF link. This will take you to the book.



English work for w.c. 20.4.20


The children are to watch the video on BBC Bitesize 'The River Bank' (the link is available above) and the draw the setting that they are imagining from what the have heard. This can be either the mole's home or the river that he finds.


Once they have done this, they are to write a setting description of either the mole's home or the river. There are a lot of excellent vocabulary choices that could be used in the setting description from the video. 


Examples of vocabulary from the videos:

full-fed river

something bright and small down in the heart of it

twinkled like a tiny star

a small face began to gradually grow up around it

small, neat ears

thick, silky hair

Adjectives, Adverbs, Nouns and Verbs word mats

Expanded Noun Phrases


You need to include expanded noun phrases in your setting descriptions. Remember that you need 3 adjectives and 1 noun in each expanded noun phrase. If you want to challenge yourself, you can add a prepositional phrase to show where it is.



The hairy, miniature, oval mole sat next to the flowing, glistening, azure river.


Expanded noun phrase

Prepositional phrase



River setting description example


The river is a slice of mellow harmony amid the fragrant leaves. It flows like time, always onward, always toward its destiny. One day these placid waters will enter that great ocean, each drop a vital part of what becomes the mighty aquatic world. In the shade of the boughs we wade in, feeling the welcome kiss of coolness, watching the eddies that swirl and disappear. The water surface is livened by brief crescents of white that are fish arcing as they swim. Our eyes travels down stream, caressing the dapples that bring the shine of the water to a hue so homely. I stifle a giggle. This forest is so far from the home we left, but right now it doesn't matter a bit. This moment is my own and right now, in this flash of the time continuum, I am at home.