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WC 20.04.20 A rivers journey

Our topic this term is 'River'. 

A river is the path that water takes as it flows downhill towards the ocean. Rivers can be long or short, wide or narrow and they often join together on their way downstream to make bigger rivers. Lots of animals live in or by rivers and people often find them a good place to live too.

Rivers can be used for lots of good things, like sailing boats on them to trade goods with other towns on the river, and farming on land that has been made fertile by the river, but when there are heavy rains and the river is very full they can be dangerous; rivers do a lot of damage when they flood.


Watch this video and what a go at the knowledge game at the end to see how much you have learnt. 


Here is a PowerPoint that can tell you a bit more information about rivers. This will help with your art work!!!