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w.c. 18.5.20 - Comparison of Rat's, Badger's and Mole's homes

To complete this activity, you DO NOT need to read the book. You only have to watch the video. The book has been added as an additional extra if you would like to read it. 

BBC Bitesize Wind in the Willows Video

Wind in the Willows book

You can also read The Wind in the Willows book. Click on the link above and it will take you to the globalgreybooks page. Scroll down and click on the blue PDF link. This will take you to the book.

English work for w.c. 18.5.20


The children are to watch the video on BBC Bitesize 'Dolce Domum' (the link is available above).

The video is about when Mole and Rat are returning from a winter walk when Mole suddenly catches the scent of his old home on the air and he is overcome with a desire to see it again. The Rat is initially reluctant to interrupt their journey, but then sees how important it is to Mole.

They retrace their steps and eventually find the entrance to Mole's home - 'Mole End'.

They then need to think carefully about the homes of Mole, Rat and Badger.

They need to write words or phrases to describe the homes of each animal based on what they have heard in the videos so far. Then, look at what you have written and write down any words or phrases which are common to all 3 homes.

Additional task - If you are feeling up to it!


If you have completed the comparison sheet, you could write the words and phrases up into sentences. There is an example of a comparison between 2 animals below. You could write a paragraph on what the houses look like inside and a paragraph on what the houses look like outside.

Pictures of Mole's, Badger's and Rat's homes

Use this sheet to write down the comparisons of the homes

Lions v Tigers Comparison - example