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w.c. 11.5.20 - Instructions

To complete this activity, you DO NOT need to read the book. You only have to watch the video. The book has been added as an additional extra if you would like to read it. 

BBC Bitesize Wind in the Willows Video

Wind in the Willows book

You can also read The Wind in the Willows book. Click on the link above and it will take you to the globalgreybooks page. Scroll down and click on the blue PDF link. This will take you to the book.

English work for w.c. 11.5.20


You are to watch the video on BBC Bitesize 'Mr Badger' (the link is above). The video talks about Mole and Badger, who are both underground dwellers, who go on a walk around the various tunnels of his home.


Your job is to draw a map showing Mr Badgers home with the various tunnels underneath, making sure that one of the tunnels come out at the Wild Wood.


You then need to write a set of instructions showing how Mole and Badger would get from Mr Badgers house to the Wild Wood.

Examples of underground tunnels - Could you think of a more creative way of showing the tunnels?

How to write a set of instructions

Instructions Checklist

Instructions Vocabulary

Features of Instruction Writing

Features of Instructions


- Imperative verbs

- Paragraphs

- Headings and subheadings

- Nouns and pronouns

- Expanded noun phrases

- Fronted adverbials

- Possessive apostrophes