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WC 04.05.20 Our teeth and their jobs

Our teeth and their jobs

WC- 04.05.20

Last week you learnt that the first part of our digestive system was the mouth but there is something else in our mouth that helps make the digestion of food much easier. They are our teeth. 


Humans have three main types of teeth and they all have different functions:

1. Incisors

Incisors help you bite off and chew pieces of food.

2. Canines

These teeth are used for tearing and ripping food.

3. Molars

These help you crush and grind food.


Find out more by watching this video and then have a go at the activities below. 


I wonder if animals have the same teeth as we do?

Challenge 2 

Can you escape the dentist chair by solving this code !!!!!!