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WC 04.05.20 - How mountains are formed

How are mountains formed?

The highest mountain ranges are created by tectonic plates pushing together and forcing the ground up where they meet. This is how the mountains of the Himalayas in Asia were formed.

Tectonic plates are also at work under the Atlantic Ocean, but instead of forcing the ground up, the two plates in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are actually moving apart in opposite directions. This causes lava to erupt out of the gap that is left. As it cools down, the lava creates a long line of mountains - the longest mountain range on Earth.

Other mountains - usually those that stand on their own - are created by ancient volcanoes . Ben Nevis in Scotland was once a very large active volcano . It last erupted millions of years ago and the eruption was so violent that it caved in on itself. (We will look a volcanoes next week!)


The highest mountains in the UK are:

Ben Nevis in Scotland (also the highest in the UK)

Scafell Pike in England

Slieve Donard in Northern Ireland

Snowdon in Wales

Have a look at these videos. – How mountains are formed - Make a fold mountain


Now have a go at these activities.

I suggest you go through the PowerPoint first and then have a go at the worksheet but don’t worry get to do something practical and fun. You are going to make your very own mountains. You need all three resources.