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Times Tables

Welcome to our Times Table area of our class page.


Learning our times tables is a key skill and is important to many different topics within the math curriculum throughout Key Stage 2.

The children practice these every day in school and complete as much of their levelled sheet as they can within 10 minutes. 

Below are copies of the levelled tables and the answers that your children can use at home to continue to practice their times tables. 

Our class rule is that if they can complete the whole sheet within the 10 minutes twice and with no mistakes they can move up to the next sheet.

At the bottom of the page are a few games that children can play to practice their times tables in a different way.


We've also signed up the whole school to Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots, your families received an email last month with your username and passwords to help you log in.


Times Table Rockstars is a great online game to help you learn your times tables and keep your math brain growing and growing while you're at home. You can practice, compete against your own top score and even compete against children in different schools around the world!! If you haven't had a look already use the link below and log in!


Numbots is an online math adventure where you create your own robot to help you solve the math problems in each level of the story. As you get questions right you get virtual coins to upgrade your robot with different outfits and designs. Numbots covers lots of different areas of maths and starts off with easier questions before gradually getting tougher. I wonder how far you can get in the story? Click the link and have a go at this math adventure.