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Look below to find a series of pictures from our Math Working Wall in class, some of our activities and links to some time websites and games that you can use to carry on your time learning at home. 

Can I tell and write the time on an analogue and digital clocks?

Children have been working with a mixture of analogue clocks with hour and minute hands as well as converting to digital clocks that we often use on electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.

Key vocabulary that your child should be using:

-hour hand

-minute hand

- digital

-am (morning)

-midday / noon

-pm (afternoon)

- midnight

Can I read and write times on 12 and 24 hour clocks?

Children have been practising reading and writing times in 12 and 24 hour clocks at 5 minute intervals.

Key vocabulary that children should be using:


-quarter past

-half past

-quarter to

-_____minutes past______

-_____minutes to________


Children have been practising converting times from pm to 24 hour times: e.g. 7pm to 19:00

Here are some links to interactive websites for telling the time: A great game where times are shown on an analogue clock and children need to select the correct time in written words to match. - A great game with three options of analogue clocks, 12 hour digital clocks and 24 our digital clocks. A game where children can practice telling time to the hour, half hour quarter hour and 5 minutes. There are options to choose between 12 hour and 24 hour times. - A matching pair game where children need to try to match two times that are the same. There are options of analogue to analogue, analogue to digital, analogue to words and more. A great chance for children to change their difficulty and test themselves.