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As a school we have been learning about the importance of the British Values that the United Kingdom is based upon and how they help our country to be fair and equal. Have a look at these posters to remind yourself of the British Values we have been learning about.


I wonder which one of these British Values is the most important to you? Did the rest of your family choose the same as you? (22nd April)

Week 4- W/C 11th May

The Police

We see the police in Andover helping to make sure that everything is safe for us and to make sure that everyone is sticking to the law. They have been working very hard recently and at last week's Clap for Carers two police cars came down my road with their lights on so I shouted "Thank You!" to them.

Have a look at this PowerPoint presentation on the Police as we look at those members of society who help to make our country a safe place to live.