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Count, count and count some more! Focus on numbers 1-20 if they are doing well with this then challenge them with some bigger numbers.


Daily counting is really important for children at this age. Having objects to count makes it a lot easier for them so here are some practical ideas to include some daily counting in their routines at home. 


1. Count the stairs as they walk up and down them.


2. Get them to help you put the shopping away. Count the items as they get them out of the bags. Challenge them how many would there be if you took 1 away or added 1 more? 


3. Write down numbers between 1-20 on bits of paper. Fold them up and put them in a bowl. Get your child to pick a number from the bowl, read the number and then ask them to collect that many objects or use it to get them to tidy up. Ask them if they can pick up 4 objects off the floor and put them away. Keep giving them numbers until all the toys are put away. 


4. Ask them to count how many daisies, flowers, trees, pebbles they can see in the garden. Get them to go on a bug hunt how many can they find?