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Welcome to our new Home Learning Gallery. All of the staff at Roman Way are missing you all so much and not being able to see you everyday is very strange for us. We have filled our website with ideas for you and your families to use at home to help you with learning from home but we have all said we would LOVE to see what you have been doing.

So if you and your family can send a picture of the activities and learning that you have been doing at home to the email address in our latest ParentMail we can upload them here for everyone to see. 

Please remember that the home learning email address is only to send photos in for the website and not for asking questions.

Keep checking back for the latest updates. smiley

Teacher's Pets- Can you guess who the pet belongs to? (6th April)

I wonder if any of you guessed which pets belong to which adults at school? 

Although we're all at home we've been making sure we take time to relax with our animals at home, making sure that they're happy and safe. Making sure that we play with them to keep them active and healthy, it really helps us relax after a long and busy day. 

If you and your family have a pet make sure you take some time to look after them as well, it's a great way to unwind. 

Maybe you could take a photo of your pet and send it to and we could make another online animal gallery, or maybe you could draw a picture of your pet and email that to us.

We would love to see you relaxing and enjoying time with your animals at home!


Have a look at some amazing activities and learning at home from these siblings below, some amazing ideas going on here.


Year 1 and Year 2 siblings (6th April)

Year 1 and Year 5 siblings (6th April)

Now let's have a look at some creative Year Fours and what they've been up to at home...

Year 4 @ home (6th April)

Year 4, Take Two (6th April)

Amazing activities you two....WELL DONE!

Now for some great images from Year Six....someone has been up to some Excellent English work!

At home with a Year 6 (April 6th)

What an interesting animal to choose, a pangolin! 

Now for two pictures that show some Marvellous Maths and someone who has been doing lots of different activities at home...

Home Learning (April 6th)

Have a look at these NHS and Keyworker posters that have been made at home, they're AMAZING! It makes us all smile as we go on our once a day walk to see the posters and rainbows in the windows of houses. 

See if you can make one for NHS workers, binmen, postmen, cleaners, carers, teachers and ALL the people that are still at work to help us with our day to day lives.

NHS Keyworker Posters (April 6th)

The Next Wrestling Superstar? (April 7th)

It seems somebody at Roman Way is a fan of wrestling! A homemade wrestling belt made by Dad and a mean pose to match as well, I certainly wouldn't want to be in the ring with her!

How amazing is her drawing of her wrestler figurine that she drew?! So much detail!


Amazing Art skills! Well Done!!!


It seems like someone from Firenze in Year Three has been very, VERY busy at home!! Have a look below at all the wonderful pictures that have been sent in to us.

Some Fantastic Year 3 Home Learning (April 10th)

It seems somebody from Year 1 has been caught being creative at home and then making sure they get their daily exercise in by heading out on their bike.


Home Learning (April 14th)


Still image for this video

It seems we also have some keen gardeners and recyclers among us, have a look at this amazing use of an old plastic bottle to make a mini greenhouse to grow tomatoes and chilis! 

I can't wait for an update on how they're growing!

Well done girls!!

Green Fingers (17th April)

We love it when we look in the inbox and find some pictures of some fantastic work and here is our next set of photos.

A certain someone in Year 5 has been doing some amazing grammar work at home, have a look at the photos that they've sent in with their parents!!


Roman Way's Year 5 Grammar Guru! (21st April)

From grammar work in year five to one of our younger learners who has been doing some brilliant practice with their pencil at home. They've been practicing writing the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-10, some addition AND writing a sentence as well!

What an amazing piece of work!



And now for something different but AMAZING! Remember that not all learning you can do at home is English, Maths and Science; there are so many different activities and things you can do with your families that help you learn. We've seen people planting seeds, baking, being crafty and it seems we have a budding carpenter in Year 6!! I wonder what the next project is going to be?

Brilliant DIY skills, GREAT WORK!yes

Woodworking Wonders (22nd April)

Wow! Today, April 23rd, is a bumper day of home learning pictures so let's jump straight into it with some pictures of children reading at home in different ways. From reading in the garden, to some VERY early morning reading to a member of Year Four who has built a den for the Scouting world record attempt for the most people camping at home.

All round fantastic readers!!

Remarkable Readers (23rd April)

Now back to our amazing Year Four who has clearly been doing some amazing things at home...the staff wanted me to ask if we can place orders for your bacon and cheese creationswink.

A Fantastic Year Four (23rd April)

Another member of Year 5 has been in touch with some pictures of some of the activities they have been completing while at home. A picture of some brilliant maths, a great simply amazing picture and then some work on dinosaurs! I love dinosaurs, I wonder which dinosaur is you absolute favourite? Send us an email and let us know!


Cracking Capri Work! (24th April)

A super weekend of activities and I had a great inbox full of emails to see the learning that you've been up to, so lets get started with someone from Year Four who has been making a garden and house for his Lego men....

Lego Time- 27th April

And now onto another Year Four for some 'Mad Science'...and I have to say I'm super impressed and amazed at what you've been up to at home, atoms and molecules with skewers and bread...AMAZING!!

Mad Science- 27th April

Now we all love a good book and a nice place to sit, relax and read are two of our readers enjoying their books at home.

Crazy Readers- 27th April

And now an update from one of our younger children at Roman Way School. She has been completing mini science experiments, crafting and learning to bake and has even started a cookbook wither her mum as well!! She's been loving her daily exercise and goes running around the field by her house, she is up to 1.5 kilometres!!!


Baking, Running and Cooking- 27th April

While I have been at home I have been able to start some projects in my garden using some wood and it seems someone else at our school has been doing the same thing with their parents. 

Have a look below at the pictures of the  SIMPLY AMAZING garden furniture that one of our Year One's have made laughyes

Garden Furniture (28th April)

Sorry everyone, I was in school last week to look after those children that need to come to school during the week and I didn't get time to check the emails sad But oh my goodness you have all been busy!!! Have a look at our bumper upload for today, Monday 4th May! laugh

Sisters at home with some amazing activities! (4th May)

Brilliant work girls and our email says you've been writing stories, practicing spellings, writing numbers and you're both working on your handwriting so that you can get closer to a pen licence. 

Well done for everything you're doing at home, you and your family are AMAZING!yes


Now for some Spring poetry that has been sent in from someone in Year 1 and someone in Year 3...

Spring Poems (4th May)

These poems are so amazing!! It made all of the teachers so very happy to read them, well done you two!! I wonder what other amazing writing people have been doing at home?

Make sure you send a picture in so we can all see your writing!


In fact I have two pieces of writing to share with you right now! One from Year 4 based on their class text Wind in the Willows and one called Ghostbusters by one of our Year 5 learners.

Creative Writing (4th May)

WOW! laugh

It seems we have some amazing authors in our school, you should both be SUPER PROUD of your writing!

Now onto a BUMPER UPLOAD from one of our Year 3 learners who has been busy with English, Math and then some super creative Art as well!! 

Have a look at all these images!

A Bumper load of Year 3 learning!

Simply amazing, well done you Super Learner!!!

I've had another update of Mad Science from one of our members of Year 4, we better have a look at some of her pictures of active science and she's been practicing some maths as well....

Our Mad Scientist (4th May)

Balancing forks on a coin, on top of a bottle?! Whatever will you do next? Well Done you, NASA here you come!

Now for some Anglo Saxon Pottery from another of our regular Year 4 emailers.

Potty Ango Saxons (4th May)

Some great DT and Art work there, well done!

Now for our last upload for the day we head over to see a great collection of practical learning and activities, they look AMAZING!

Hands on Learning (4th May)

We hope you all had a safe and sunny Bank Holiday weekend, time for our first home learning update of the week so lets dive in!!!!

To start with we have some siblings who have been doing some shaving foam art following Miss Candy's instructions.

It certainly looks  fun!

Sibling Shaving Foam Art (11th May)

The Bank Holiday Weekend was to help the United Kingdom mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day where The Second World War ended in Europe in 1945. I'm sure lots of you marked the occasion with your families in lots of different ways over the weekend.

Have a look at this gallery of some of the images from members of our school: cakes, homemade bunting, decorations and more!

VE Day at Home- (11th May)

Another update from some sisters and the activities and learning they have been completing at home, I have to say I'm blown away by the Titanic work and I particularly love the shield and dinosaur from our second amazing learner!!

Titanic Work (14th May)

SImply Amazing Work! (14th May)

A bumper update of pictures from home INCOMING!!!! I'M EXCITED TO SHARE THE PICTURES I'VE BEEN SENT!

Lifecyle of a Frog Home Learning

Maths & Art with Year 5 and Year 1 Siblings

Our Year 4 Smiling Scientist with some Maths, Newton's colour wheel, Mole Burrow Instructions and more!!

Year 1 & Year 2 siblings hard at work with some maths

Another package of photos is coming your way, 29th May, let's dive in and see what some of our amazing learners have been up to over the past few days.....

Somebody was working super hard to get her work done in the morning so she could play in the sun....look how much work she completed!!

WOW! That is a super amount of work to do in one morning!! I'm sure that she enjoyed the sun in the afternoon too!

Now onto one of our members of Year Three....and look out for the picture of the birthday cake he had!

Look at that learning and that cake!!!

Look at that learning and great work learning to ride your bike!! I hope you saved some of the cake for us too wink

At home with a Year 1 (June 10th)

Simply amazing, well done you Super Learner!!!

I've had another update from one of our members of Year 1. What amazing sentence writing and understanding of the days of the week. Keep it up laugh!!!

18th June - This year 4 pupil has produced a lovely poem and been busy working on library time activities all about Mr Stink - Amazing !!!

24th June - WOW. This year 2 pupil has been working incredibly hard on his math and English skills - Incredible !!!

25th June - This budding chef used her skills to produce this delicious lunch - Looks yummy

That's all for now but keep sending pictures of your work to us at and we will upload your work for everyone to see laugh