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Hot and Cold Weather

This week in Geography, you are going to be having a look at the weather in different countries and deciding whether they have a hot climate or a cold climate.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to learn about some countries around the world and the weather they have.

You might also want to have a look at a larger map of the world. This can be found on Google Maps or by clicking the link below which will take you straight to it.

Once you have had a look at the PowerPoint and learnt a bit about the weather in some of the different countries around the world, you are ready to start your task.


You have to choose 3 colours to represent the different temperatures.


Hot - red

In the middle - orange

Cold - blue


You can choose different colours if you wish.


Find a country that is mentioned on the PowerPoint on your map and then colour it in the colour that matches with its weather. 


For example - 



It says that over 80% of Greenland is covered with snow and ice. So that means that it is cold. I am going to colour in Greenland with blue.

Here is an example - I read the information about Greenland, found it on my map and then coloured it in blue because it has a cold climate. 


I also drew a key in the corner of my map to remind me which colours I was using for which climate. 

Here is a copy of the work that was completed in school