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The children have recently worked on fractions in class and we have completed lots of work practicing different skills. Below are a mixture of images from our lessons, Working Walls and activities that we have completed and you can revisit and practice at home.

Key vocabulary to practice at home:

- numerator (top number)

-denominator (bottom number)











Can I count up and down in tenths A great game where children need to count and recognise the number of tenths shaded and select the correct fraction.

Can I find a fraction of a set of objects?

Children have been identifying a fraction of a group of items counting the total number in the group, the denominator, and the number of selected items, the numerator. A great game for children to match fractions to visual representations of a set of images.

Can I recognise and show equivalent fractions with small denominators?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are the same value, use the images below and the fraction wall at the bottom of the page to investigate fractions that are equivalent and equal.

Use the fraction wall to help you with this game as well:

Can I add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within a whole? Level 1a and 2a are great games for children to practice adding together two or three fractions with the same denominator. Level 1a is a brilliant subtracting fractions game for children to practice their learning from school.