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Cloth from the Clouds.


Examples of clauses you might want to use to help you. 


Choose 1 clause from the left and the clause next to it matches it to make a sentence.



                                      The boy sat on top of the hill                                         He wove cloth from the clouds


                                          The King rode on a horse                                                       He wanted a scarf 


                             The boy sat on the hill all day and night                          He made a long scarf for the King


                                          The King loved his scarf                                 He wanted dressed for his wife and daughter


                            The clouds disappeared from the sky                             There was no water for the animals


                                         The Princess had an idea                                                   She went to see the boy


                                        They came up with a plan                                        The clouds went back into the sky


Monday 1st February

Cloth from the clouds

Some examples of sentences that we did in school