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Here are the flipcharts that we follow in school. You will find examples of the work that we are doing in school that you can go through with your child. 

In English, the children are going to be working up to retelling the story of 'The Jolly Postman'. They are going to be writing it in their own words but following the chronological order of the story. This week in English, the children need to read the whole story/ have the story read to them and then create a mind map of the story to help them when they are retelling the story. This can include pictures, letters and words. Try to be as detailed as you can to make it easier for your chid to remember the story.


Be as creative as you can. Ideally, you would have 1 picture for every word.


I will upload the mindmap we create in class at the end of the day.


Have a lovely week!

w.c. 16.11.20
Please click on the pdf below to access our class text 'The Jolly Postman'.
Here are all of the fliphcarts that we floow in school. There are examples for the English work on there and you will be able to see which page of the story we are focusing on each day. The story is available in a pdf above. If you could print out the story, that would be beneficial for your child.

In English this week, we are continuing to look at our book The Jolly Postman. The children are writing captions about what they can see and then putting them into sentences. 


Their caption can simply be a word. And then they can write it into a sentence.


I can see a cat. I can see a hat. I can see a clock.


They then need to extend their sentence using a preposition. A preposition tells you where something is in relation to something else.


I can see a cat on the chair.


On would be the preposition.