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Here is a selection of the English work that we have been doing in school.


Phase 2 sound mat - Point to a sound and ask your child to say the sound to you. If you are unsure on how to pronounce the sounds, there is a video on the class page under the 'Phonics' section that you can watch.


Continuous cursive lowercase - This will help your child with their letter formation. The need to use a pencil and trace over the dotted lines to form the letters.


Pencil control - There are 2 activities which your child can do. They will help to improve fine motor skills. If you could encourage them to hold their pencil correctly (you may need to show them how to do this first) and then they need to trace over the lines.


Uppercase and lowercase match up - Your child needs to match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter. Explain that the letters down the left hand side are Capital letters or uppercase letters and they are used at the start of a sentence. They need to circle the lowercase letter which matches the uppercase letter. They may find this challenging so please help them as much as they need.


Word and picture match up - Your child needs to read the word and draw a line to match it to the correct picture.


If you could take a picture of any work that your child completes at home if they are well enough and upload it to tapestry, that would be amazing. I would love to see what your child has been getting up to at home.