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Try and read - or be read to - every day.  It's the one thing which makes to most difference to your learning!


See below for some online stories.



This week I would like you to practice writing sentences using exciting adjectives, alliteration and similes.

These make our writing more exciting for the reader.


Remember - an adjective describes a noun e.g. the red flower.

Alliteration is where two words start with the same letter e.g. the glittering, glowing star.

A simile compares one thing to another using the word "like" or "as" - e.g. the night sky was black like coal.  The stars twinkled like diamonds.


Go outside and describe the sky, your garden, the weather.  Come back inside and write your sentences - make sure you use adjectives, alliteration and similes.


Once you have practiced those, plan I'd like you to plan and write a story.  To be precise - what happened next in Beegu's adventures?  Where did she go next?  Who did she meet and were they friendly?  Or not?


Once you have planned your story, write it up - remember a beginning, middle and ending.  Now check and edit your letters, full stops and common exception words....!!





Phase 6 - continue working through your workbook.


Phase 5 see attached.


Carry on practicing your Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words.