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A great book for young children who may be feeling anxious about Corona Virus.

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If your child is currently at home in self isolation, please see the English work below that they have missed in class this week.



Tuesday 17th March




The children have been looking at the book Monster Slayer which is an adaptation of Beowulf. 
Tuesday and Wednesday’s work is looking at how to vary sentences to make writing more interesting. We started out with a simple sentence and then added different techniques to build up the sentence. Examples are below. 





Wednesday 18th March


The children are going to be writing more sentences about our class book 'Monster Slayer' thinking carefully about the grammatical techniques they are going to be including. They must start off with the simple sentence in the image below and the add in each technique in the order down the side. They must write out each sentence again as they add in each new technique.


Here is a list of the word classes and what they are.



Below is the sentence that the children need to up-level.




Thursday 19th March


The learning objective for this lesson is to organise paragraphs around a theme. The children have to use the headings in the picture below and match the sentences to the correct heading. The sentences can be found in the flies below. Once they have matched the sentences to the heading, they need to choose one subheading and write a paragraph using the sentences given to help.




Sentences to add to correct paragraph heading

Friday 20th March


The children will now be looking at direct speech. The 5 rules for direct speech are:

1) New line, new speaker

2) Begin what is spoken with a capital letter

3) Inverted commas around what the person is saying, e.g. "What is for dinner tonight?"

4) Reporting clause before or after what is being said, e.g. "What is for dinner tonight?" asked Tom. or Tom asked, "What is for dinner tonight?"

5) Punctuation inside the inverted commas e.g. "What is for dinner tonight?" asked Tom. This punctuation could be a , ! ? .


Here is an explain, change and create on direct speech.