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Christmas Holiday work

Happy Christmas!


To help fill some of the gaps that have been missed due to COVID-19, we have provided some Christmas homework for your children. These will also be sent home with your child but I have also uploaded them on here in case they get lost or you would like answers to the questions. 


They will need to complete the English on the paper given out or they can choose to type it on Google Classrooms if they prefer. All instructions for this are on the sheet. We would like the children to complete a paragraph for each of the 4 purposes for at least 1 picture. 


There are 10 arithmetic papers in total - we normally do 18 questions every day in 15 minutes and then mark them. Your child may use a calculator to check their answers after their 15minutes is up but they must use jottings and formal methods whilst they are working out the questions. We would like them to have a go at 8 of the papers (just the first 18 questions are fine) but if your child would like to do more then they are free to do so. They may use the reverse of the sheet for any working out.


I have also attached the Christmas coordinates game if they wish to play this at home, along with some basic recall facts associated with fractions, decimals and percentages that it will be useful to test them on regularly.