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Writing alternatives - added 18.5.20

Here, you will find some alternative writing activities to what you will find on the week by week pages. Some might be linked to 'The Wind in the Willows' videos so it would be great if you can still watch the videos on the individual week's pages. Some of the activities will be more grammar based so you will not need to watch the videos to access this work.

Character descriptions - 18.5.20


Below, you will find pictures of the characters in 'The Wind in the Willows'.

Use these to draw your own version of one of the characters. You can choose whichever one you like!

Then, write some words around the outside to describe the character you have chosen. These words are called adjectives.

There are examples of adjectives attached below.

If you want to, you can put those adjectives into sentences to describe your character.

Pictures of the characters - 18.5.20

Example for Mr Badger


- red waistcoat

- black jacket

- long snout

- thin broom


If you're feeling adventurous, you could use 3 adjectives


- red, smart, tight waistcoat

- black, white, large jacket

- long, shiny, pointed snout

- tall, yellow, thin broom


Sentences using the adjectives


- Mr Badger has a red, smart, tight waistcoat which sits on top of his white shirt.

- He is holding a tall, yellow, thin broom which he is using to sweep the dirty floor.

- Mr Badger has a long, shiny, pointed snout which he uses to smell his dinner.



Word classes - 18.5.20


We are going to recap the different word classes and try and add more words to each word class.


Verbs - A word that describes what a person or thing is doing.

Examples - run, hopping, bake, cooked, raining.


Nouns - A person, place or thing.

Examples - Miss Portsmouth, Miss Cannell, cake, fruit, chair, house, field.


Adjectives - A word that describes a noun.

Examples - beautiful, shiny, smart, tall, huge, shy, red, hairy.


Adverbs - A word that tells you how a verb is done.

Examples - happily, quickly, lazily, sadly, fast, quietly.


Prepositions - A word that describes the position of something, the time it happened or the way it was done.

Examples - under, beneath, on top, in, over, after, during, within, beyond, between.


Conjunctions - A word that joins 2 clauses together.

Examples - and, because, but, so, if. when, or.


Determiners - A word that introduces a noun.

Examples - a, the, an, this.


Pronouns - A word that replaces a noun.

Examples - he, she, it, I, my, mine, we


Can you think of more word classes to add to these?


Once you've done that, can you write a sentence and colour in each word class in a different colour?


The scaryhairytall monster jumped quickly over the fence so he could escape capture from the dog.