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WC 27.04.20 - Mountains

WC 27.4.20 


Mountains are an important part of a rivers journey. 

Mountains are areas of land that are much higher than the land surrounding them. They are higher and usually steeper than a hill and are generally over 600 metres high. They are often found together in a group called a mountain range.

Some well-known mountain ranges in the four countries that make up the UK include:

  • the Cairngorms in Scotland
  • the Pennines in England
  • the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland
  • Snowdonia in Wales

Take a look at this video and web page, but don't get too carried away, we will look at how mountains are formed next week.


Now you have learnt all about mountains, why not have a go at some or all of these activities. 

  • Can you answer these two important questions
    - What is a mountain?
    - What makes a mountain a mountain and not a hill? 
  • Make a leaflet about different mountains. There are many useful resources below but also look on our guided reading page for more information. 
  • Compare 4 of the worlds famous mountains
  • Compare 4 of the UK's famous mountains
  • Make top trump cards all about the worlds mountains
  • Locate mountains around the world on a map. Look especially in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. 
  • Write a story which includes an adventure up a mountain.



Make a prediction on how a mountain is formed