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Spring Learning at Roman Way

Spring Learning


As teachers we wanted to create this page to share some of the learning and activities that we have completed at school while most of us are learning at home. We have had some wonderful weather which has allowed us to be creative and active around the school grounds.

Have a look below at some of the pictures of our Spring learning, maybe you could try something similar while you are learning from home. 

Tree Planting

At school we had a lot of saplings that needed to be planted around our school grounds along with daffodil bulbs. Over the past few days we have made use of the good weather to plant the saplings around the school grounds. We had to think about the best place for the trees to grow in as well as using some of our Forest School skills to make sure that we used the tools correctly. We used bamboo canes to help the trees grow straight as well as using plastic sleeves to help stop wildlife eating them, hopefully we will all be able to see them grow through the school year!

Bird Feeders

Another bright afternoon meant that we could carry on with more outdoor learning and activities around the school and today we were thinking about the wildlife around school. We all love to hear and see the birds in the trees around our school and we used lard, bird seed, pine cones and string to make some bird feeders to hang around the school. It was a bit messy squishing the lard and birdseed together but we had great fun making them and then thinking carefully about the best branches and places to tie them so that the birds can eat them easily. Hopefully our feeders will help the birds  stay well fed, we think the birds in the bird box will find them really helpful!

Clay Faces

One day this week we made Green Men out of clay and bits that we could find around the school. We made this as it was a very sunny day and the Green Men used to live in the forests. You could try finding bits in your garden to make your own Green Men or you could draw a picture of what your Green Man would look like.

Nature Wands

This afternoon, we made Nature Wands with wool, feathers, sticks and pine cones from the wooded areas around us. We also tried to cast a spell using our wands and Mr A asked us what spell we would cast if we could cast any spell, here are some of our spells:

- A spell to get clothes from New Look

- A spell to make trees green again

-A spell to get lots of dogs

-A spell to change the weather

We think you could make your own Nature Wand at home, you could use different things from around the house if you can't go outside.

Let's Get Creative!!

This week we have been getting arty at school and being super creative.

We made rainbows for the year four classroom windows so that key workers on their way to and from work can see them and so that anybody on their daily exercise can see our rainbows and feel happy, why not make one for your window at home?

We made dreamcatchers and hung them in the year R area and they look amazing! We also got some paint out and made some great pieces of art, we even used our hands!!

Finally with Easter fast approaching we made some chocolate nests with chocolate and cupcake cases they look so yummy!!

Thank You Key Workers & Bear Hunt

Today at school we made a fantastic "Thank You Key Workers" banner and tied it to the school fence so that we can say thank you to all the key workers in our community for working hard.

We also got creative and made some rainbow art inside  and used some colourful tissue paper to make Easter Flowers.

We loved watching Michael Rosen's We're All Going on a Bear Hunt before we ventured off  outside in our wooded area to spot as many bears as we could, we took pictures of them in their hiding places.

Maybe you could put a bear or a teddy in one of your windows at home and see how many bears you can see on your daily walks with your families.

To finish off our day we did some more planting, but not trees this time! We put together some lovely flower pots with different plants to help make all areas of our school look lovely.