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We all love music! Whether it's playing the African Drums, something on the radio to sing to, a song to boogie to or a song to relax to music is great for us. We have radios, smart speakers, YouTube and lots of other different ways to listen to music and every now and then I will post a video or a link of some music that you might like to listen to.

Relaxing Disney Piano Music

Lots of the teachers at Roman Way loved watching the old Disney movies as we grew up and the music was amazing. I found this video when I was looking for something to play in the background as I was designing our class pages and I found it really relaxing, I hope you do too!

Week Two- W/C 27th April

Carnival of the Animals

Hampshire Music Service have made a fantastic PowerPoint for us all to continue enjoying music at home, have a look at this PowerPoint below and see what amzing things they have included!

Then have a listen to the music in the YouTube video, there are lots of small pieces of music composed about animals. See if you can guess what animals the music is describing and then check if you were right.

Some of them are REALLY HARD!

Carnival of The Animals

Week 3- W/C 4th May

Discovering the Musical Dimensions

A great PowerPoint from Hampshire music with links to videos to help us all learn about the dimensions and structures of music. 

Have a look, I learnt so much!!

I've had a busy morning today and I found this piece of music on YouTube and I've been playing it quietly in the background while I've been working. I hope it relaxes you too!


Week 4- W/C 11th May

Man on the Moon

Hampshire Music Service have been busy again and have sent through another amazing music PowerPoint themed around Man on the Moon.

Click the files icon below to see what wonders they have prepared for us this week.


Harry Potter Sountrack Orchestra

I don't know about you but I loved the Harry Potter Books and the films! The music that was composed for the movie was amazing I found this video on YouTube of a live orchestra playing the Harry Potter Soundtrack...see how many songs you recognise and how many instruments you can name.

Week 5- W/C 18th May

Keep Calm and Make Music- WW2- The Blitz


Another amazing update from Hampshire Music Service for us to share with you this week, all themed around World War Two and the Blitz. See what wonderful and amazing things are included in the PowerPoint below. 

Some brilliant resources and ideas to share with your family at home!

Nature Therapy: Relaxing Forestry sounds and pictures

A wonderful video that I found on YouTube to listen to after busy days in school this week. Sometimes I like to sit and watch the pictures with the sound and sometimes I just like to play the sounds quietly in the background while I imagine the scene that I can hear.
It's so relaxing! Give the video a watch and or listen below!