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Mr A's Challenge

I hope you are all keeping safe and being positive as you stay at home with your families and I hope you are checking our website to see any new things that we have added, there is a lot of different things that you can do from home on your own or with your family to keep you busy.

I decided that I would start a challenge page that you can look at to challenge yourself to complete my tasks that I set each day. Some might be to do with Maths, English or another subject but some will be creative and others will be tricky for you. 

Have a look and see if I've added a new one for you today....

Challenge 1- How do birds stay healthy? (They eggs-ercise)


Hopefully you have all been looking at our Bird Box Cam on our class page and seeing the Blue Tits coming in and out of the box and this got me thinking.

Your challenge is to design, create and name your own bird. I've added a template on the Word document below for you to use if you want to but think about the kind of bird you would like to make.

You could use lots of different materials to create your bird: pencils, pens, paint, chalk, cut up magazines, bits of scrap fabric and more!

When you've finished your bird stick it in a window for key workers to see on their way to work!

Challenge 2- A Royal Affair.

What’s a Royal Pardon?  (What you say when the queen burps)


Your next challenge comes from me via Buckingham Palace. The Queen has asked for children to design a new  medal that could be created and then awarded by the Royal Family to people for bravery or services to the United Kingdom. Think carefully about how you want your medal to look and why you would like The Queen to give this medal to people. Here are a few ideas for you:


For being brave?
For being helpful?
For a useful invention?

Challenge 3- What eats more knights that one dragon? (Two dragons!)


In myths, legends, movies and stories knights in shining armour save princesses and people from evil dragons and witches. 

Try and design your own coat of arms on the shields below, maybe there might be an animal on your shield, maybe your favourite things and maybe a motto.

See how creative you can get!

Challenge 4- Food Menu Challenge.

Waiter will my pizza be long? (No sir, it will be round!)


We all love food so my latest challenge is for you to design a menu for a meal at your house. You can do this two ways:

1) Have a look with adults at home at what ingredients you have and plan a meal to cook with them at some point 


2) Create your dream menu from all the food in the world that would be your favourite meal ever!


Use the documents and pictures to write your menu with your Starter, Main Course and Dessert and if you think you could draw what it would look like on the plate draw your food as well.


I can't wait to hear what your meals are!

Challenge 5- Junk Modelling

I hate going to can recycling centres (It's soda-pressing!)


It's time to go green and reduce, reuse and recycle some of the waste at home. I'm sure you have empty plastic bottles, cardboard and plastics at home after you've cooked your meals and unpacked shopping that you could use to make something interesting.

Your junk model challenge is to make the most interesting thing that you can from your 'junk' to recycle at home. Send us an email with your junk modelling! 

Have a look at this slideshow for some junk modelling ideas.

Challenge 6- A Tall Order.

How do you talk to a giant? (Use BIG words!)


Before school finished we had a look at using the online library with our login details to access e-books and audio books, we managed to listen to the first chapter of the BFG by Roald Dahl with Mr Parkinson and this got me thinking.

Lots of us said that we had read the book or watched the movie of the BFG and LOVED IT!

So your challenge today is to design your own giant for the BFG!

Some things for you to think about:

-Is your giant a kind giant or a nasty giant?

-Is you giant male or female?

-Is your giant loud or quiet?

-Does your giant move quietly, clumsily, carefully or loudly?


See if you can write a small paragraph describing your giant and make sure you include a name for your giant. When you're done you could ask an adult to help you email it to and we can put it on our Home Learning page of our website.

I've included some pictures of the giants from the old and new BFG movies to help you get started, enjoy!

BFG Giants

Challenge 7- Easter Scavenger Hunt

How does Easter end? (With an 'r'!)

Sorry this challenge is a bit late but I've been thinking of some different ones and today I challenge you to a scavenger hunt!

You need to go around your house and garden and see if you can find something for every letter in the alphabet and write them down on a sheet like the one below.

Some of the letters will be easy but some of them will be very hard, you might need to get creative to get all 26 letters filled. 

Good luck scavengers.

Challenge 8- Easter Egg Hunt

What is the Easter Bunny's favourite music? (Hip-Hop!)

Easter is such a fun time of year when we get creative, see flowers growing, baby animals in fields and birds filling the sky. One of the other reasons I like Easter is to have an 'Easter Egg Hunt'. 

Unfortunately we can't all go on a big egg hunt with our friends but then I had an idea. What if we all designed an Easter Egg and stuck them in the windows at the front of our houses, then when families go for their daily walks they could have an 'Egg Hunt' and count how many they see.

I've put some templates and pictures below to help you but if you want to draw your own that would be amazing too!

Have an eggs-ellent time designing them! laugh

Challenge 9- Funny Reading

Why does the elephant use her trunk as a bookmark? (so she NOSE where she stopped reading!)


Something a little bit different for this challenge, something more relaxing and something a bit silly.

I know lots of you love reading and I hope you're taking time to read some of your favourite books at home, remember we have our e-library that you can use your log in for as well.

Your challenge is to read a some of your book, maybe a chapter, while you are dressed up in something a little bit crazy. Maybe you could read your book to your pet or someone on a video call while you are dressed up. 

See if you could send a photo to of you doing your funny reading.

Here's a picture of me with my scarf, sunglasses and fez (my hat) on reading Harry Potter inside.cheeky

Challenge 10- Safari Time (14th April)

What do you call an exploding monkey? (A BABOOM!)


It's time for an adventure! Time to dress up so you won't be seen, grab a pair of binoculars to help you see things (you could make some with a toilet roll tube if you don't have some) and grab some paper to write down what you see.....we're going on safari!!!!

I have found a great website that streams a live safari drive twice a day from Ngala Game Reserve in South Africa.

You can log onto their YouTube channel with the link here:

Their two live safaris at streamed between:

8am and 11 am 


5.30pm and 8.30pm

Why not suit up, log in and see what animals you see while on safari!!


Challenge 12- Zoo Keeper Time (15th April)

Can a kangaroo jump higher than a building? (OF COURSE, BUILDINGS DON'T JUMP!)


Another animal related challenge today for you all, I'm sure that almost all of you love animals and I'm sure that some of you would love to be a vet or someone that cares for animals when you grow up...well this challenge might just help you.

Chester Zoo in England are using their Facebook page to show virtual tours of the zoo while they are closed and the best thing is the zookeepers show you around the zoo and tell you lots of different and interesting facts about the many animals that they look after.

Obviously you'll need an adult to help you with this one so they can use their Facebook account to find the Chester Zoo page ( and it may just help you with any dream careers working with animals that you might have. 

Challenge 13- 3.....2......1......ACTION! (16th April)

What do you call a super hero who has lost his powers? (A SUPER-ZERO!)


Time for some action, I'm sure you all love watching films and I bet you've always thought of making one. Mrs Tranter tells me that you've used JellyCam in school and we were practicing how to use iPads to film each other thinking about the frame and the zoom functions.

So you challenge is to use a laptop/computer/smartphone and make your own stop motion movie by taking pictures of something and moving it very slightly for each picture.

Jelly cam is a free program for the computer that you can use for this


Stop Motion Animation App has a free version that you can use.


It might be a good idea to create a comic strip or a story board on a piece of paper to plan your movie story first so that you can be the best director in the world.


Have fun and enjoy , have a look at an example stop motion made by some children at home below...

Stop Motion Animation

Six-year old makes her first stop motion animation with Stop Motion Studio (iOS)

Challenge 14- Superheroes (17th April)

What did Ironman say to Spiderman? (STOP BUGGING ME!)


Today I am setting you a superhero challenge! I'm sure most of you have seen some of the superhero movies and comic that have been in the cinema and I'm almost certain that you've dreamt of being a superhero and having a super power! 

So your challenge is to design your own superhero with their own superpower. It might be you as a superhero, it might be a friend of yours that is a superhero that looks after you and maybe they'll be the next Marvel Superhero Movie Star!