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Use your home learning packs to carry on with our Year 2 Maths -


Remember the methods and resources we use at school to help you - 

Addition and subtraction - dienes (chips and peas) to represent the tens and ones. Use a number line to add tens then ones to the bigger number; take tens then take ones from the bigger number.


Multiplying and dividing - draw using arrays (chocolate chip cookies) and number lines to add or take away groups of/lots of the number you are dividing or multiplying by.  You can also use the bar model to prove your answer.


Fractions - use the bar model or arrays to work out fractions.


Times tables - 


You can all count in 10s, 5s and 2s - so use this knowledge to help you with your times tables facts - as we have done in class!


Practice counting in 3s and 4s.



Bake things at home to practice weighing in grams and kilograms

Use an analogue watch to tell the time - to the hour, half hour, quarter hour and then nearest 5 minutes.


Shape and direction

Create a map and design a treasure hunt in the garden using your directional language - right, left, anti-clockwise, clockwise, quarter and half turn.